Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts from The GURU

On this page I am just going post any Random Thoughts, Fanatical Ramblings, or Whatever…

They may be Beer related they may not…

They may not even make sense…to you!

Random Thoughts:

When did the spelling of ton change to tonne? I see it spelled that way all the time now. And, what is a metric tonne?

Ok, so I answered my own question…a ton is a US measurement equalling 2000 lbs…a tonne is a metric tonne equaling 1000 Kg or 2240 lbs. But, in everyday English, a ton is just a crap load of anything!

Here is what I am thinking…I am very soon going to Ireland!

Holy crap! I published this page nearly 5 months ago and haven’t had any thoughts…this cannot be good…actually they are so random that when I sit down here…I cannot remember them!